Customize your clothes

So you have chosen to pimp your clothes we have 10 different treatment available for our products, you can either chose to personalise one of our existing products or you can send us your clothes to give them a King Cruiser touch, there are 10 different treatment you can choose to make it you can either mix and match to do them all, you can also ask our artist to make it on his own choose dare if you trust …

We can work on any material leather, cotton jackets trousers hats or anything you have in mind !!!

please drop us a mail with your ideas and we will be more than happy to work together on the design to create your unique piece !!
If you have already a garmeth you want us to work on please attach it and we will tell you what we can do!!


  • stage 1 – Ageing
  • stage 2 – Dyed ageing with shades and features
  • stage 3 – Patches and hand sowed features
  • stage 4 – Studs to make it more aggressive
  • stage 5 – Personalised handmade writings and drawings of your choice
  • stage 6 – Handmade embroidery
  • stage 7 – Tattoos you can chose from our images or propose your one and we can tatto your Jackets
  • stage 8 – Rust effect
  • stage 9 – Latex effect
  • stage 10 – Artis choice

Are you interested in any special customization?
Please choose one of our basic products and leave your contacts

Please choose your Basic product to customize

Please now choose your Customization among the available treatments

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